The Addams Family Musical Show Package

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We have three variants of The Addams Family

As with all of our sets, they can be made to accommodate any size stage or venue.

The large set as seen measures 12m wide and is 5.5m high.
The medium set is 8.3m wide and is 4.2m high.
The small set is approximately 6.5m wide and 3.4m high.

The set pieces can be hired individually or a package can be put together to fulfill your every (gothic) desire, the large and medium set show packages come with all small props and set pieces, the small set show package does not include the x2 dining tables.

We are more than happy to talk to you about how we can tailor the set to your venue.
Get in contact with us directly for a hire quote.

Addams Family Set Hire

x6 gothic window flats
2x gothic door flats
6x panel wall flats
2x angle panel wall flats
1x centre stone arch flat
1x double door main entrance

Individual Set Items Available

Torture Rack - 1.62m high at lowest point, 1.43m wide, 800mm deep,
Torture Chair with retractable spike - 1.64m high, 640mm wide, 580mm deep.
Pugsley's bed with gauze reveal - 2.075m long, 945mm wide, 2.15m high.
Addams Family Crypt - 2.5m high, 1.845m wide, 615mm deep.
Fully Mobile Split Stairs with Brakes
2x Dining tables and 9 assorted chairs (Not suitable for school) 0.776m high 2.46m long, 0.655m wide,
Morticia's chaise longue - 2.46m long, 0.776m high, 0.620m deep.
Park Bench - 1.27 long, 830mm high, 630mm deep.
x3 Gravestones - 1.2m high, 680mm wide, 425mm deep.
x1 Little Gravestone - 750mm high, 535mm wide, 132mm deep
2x small bedroom chairs
Pouffe box


Each half standing at 1.8m, with its widest point at 1.2m and 8 stepsand bannister each side. These stairs are fully mobile on castors, with a braking system to assure a steady ascent. Splitting down the centre to make for easy scene transitions to the torture chamber.

Small Props & Set Dressing

Wednesday's Crossbow
Crow with arrow through it
Grandma's Rat with glowing eyes
Fester's Rocket
Grandma's trolley with assortment of items
Pugsley's Grenades
Challis & decanter
Acrimonium bottle
French Guidebook
2X half-smoked cigars
Spider for Mal's Back
Pugsley's donation bucket
Beineke's map
Black rose with detaching head
Fester's Helmet
Addams family photo album
Crossbow bolt for apple
2X swords

Addams Family Set

Set Pieces

Torture chair in action

Small Props

NJP Team building the Addams Family set