Little Shop of Horrors Show Package

Little Shop of Horrors

Our Little Shop of Horrors show package includes all of the perfunctory elements of putting on this show. As with all of our products adaptability is key, we will strive to ensure it fits your venue.

The Shop

Mushnik's Flower Shop comprises x3 wall flats, x1 door flat, x1 window flat and x3 returns. With a practical ceiling light, a shop entrance bell and brackets for hanging plants. Overall measurements are approximately 5m wide by 2.4m tall.

Skid Row

The street scene made up of x2 non-practical door flats and x1 central window flat. With x2 Harlem style street stoops with handrails, practical light, down-pipe and x2 trashcans. Standing approximately at 3.6m wide and 3m tall

The Plants

  • Pod 1 l Hand Puppet
  • Pod 2 | Arm Puppet
  • Pod 3 | Full Body Puppet
  • Pod 4 | Stationary Puppet - Length: 4.2m | Width: 2.5m | Height: 2.5m

Props Available:

  • Dentist's Gas Mask
  • Dentist Chair
  • Telephone
  • Radio
  • Body Parts & Bucket
  • Prop revolver
  • x2 Trashcans

Get in contact with us directly for a quote or if you have any questions regarding our Little Shop of Horrors show package.

The Plants

The Set

The Props

Plant Pod 3 Demo

Pod 4 - Full Body Little Shop of Horrors Large Plant Puppet

All of our plants Together!

Audrey is Hungry...