Small Stage Prop Packages

We have a large selection of props suitable for a wide range of theatre productions, which include practical stage props and set dressing items. These smaller props are bundled together in packages allowing you to easily populate your production with the props and set you need to bring your show to life.

Package Sizes

Small props are available to hire in four different package sizes:

  • Small: 3 props
  • Medium: 7 props
  • Large: 15 props
  • X-Large: 20 props

Need to hire more? Contact us for a quote.

How to hire

Step 1: Browse our stage props below
Step 2: Make note of the Prop No. - example: #0007 (On mobile and tablets you will have to click on the image to see the Prop No.)
Step 3: Contact us with the following information:

  • How may props you would like to hire
  • The Prop Numbers of the props you would like to hire (i.e. #0007, #0022, #0033)
  • When and where you would like them delivered

Step 4: We then get back to you with confirmation