Our House Props

Our House Props

The Set

The "Our House" Set comprises of a full street scene, with large double doors centre stage housing the car, and four practical front doors. With its construction comprising of four 8by4 steel decks enabling a raised playing area of 7.2m by 4.8m at its widest point in the centre - with access treads both stage left and stage right in its largest configuration.

As with all sets at Not Just Props, you are not restricted to having the full set as it can be adapted to fit any space and still retain all the elements needed.

Our package deals include all set pieces and a small props package which for the most part will cover any and all production needs.

The set is approximately 9.72m by 4.88m at its widest point (centre) and 1.3m wide for stage left and right.

Hire Price

Get in contact for a quote on hiring our Our House set and stage props.

Set Items Available:

  • Full Size "Morris Minor" | (Bonnet and Wings Fall out for Breakdown & Space inside for Smoke Machines) Approximately 3.1m by 1.545m
  • Night boat to Cario - L 3.38m x W 945cm x H 1.78m
  • Chemist Till and Desktop
  • Party Bunting
  • Bunk Beds
  • 10 x School Desks on wheels - L 865cm x W 565cm x H 855
  • Blackboard 4" x 8"
  • Park Bench
  • Park Bin
  • Car Wash Sign
  • Dogs Head and Gloves
  • Clown Hat with pop out Flower
  • Pub Fruit Machine
  • Full Scale Cairo Boat
  • 2 x Laundry Trolley
  • Various combinations of Scenery
  • Smoke Machines
  • Coffin
  • Mr Pressmen's Office Chair
  • "Joe Casey on fire" Glitter Curtain
  • 2 smaller market stalls - L 1.22m x W 645mm x 1.750m
  • larger market stall - L 1.86m x 645cm x 1.750m

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