The Set

London Bridge

Dimensions: Length 4.5m, Depth 1.92m, Height 4.4m

A freestanding steeldeck standing at 6ft with treads either side.

X2 practical lampposts
"God is Love" sign which flips up to represent the workhouse.

Fagin's Den

Dimensions: Length 4.94m, Depth 2.1m, Height 3.85m

A free standing unit comprising of ten flats and two sets of treads. With a hidden entrance leading up to a drawbridge - disguised as a door - operated via a rope release.

Featuring also a loop of rope on a pulley to tie handkerchiefs onto.

Sowerberry's Funeral Parlour

Approximately 2.44m long x 2.44m high x 609mm wide

Set on its own brakeable truck with practical door and bay window. The Undertakers is double faced to represent the interior and exterior of the shop.
Alternatively the interior could be used to portray Mr Brownlow's house.

Set Pieces

Practical Lamppost
X4 Benches (Approximately 2m long x 200mm wide x 400mm high)
Hand pulled cart
Old Sally's Wheelchair
Bedroom Table & Chair
Four poster bed

Small Props

Bill Sykes's Cudgel
Mr Bumble's Staff
Basket of Roses
Bundle of Books
X13 Tankards
Police Baton
X2 Lanterns
Dummy Pistol (if you require a blank firing pistol go to the armoury page)