Always a hugely popular musical, the set for "Grease" comprises of two standalone "Rydell High" School Blocks with onstage and offstage access treads to the upper playing levels on both.

Standing at an 8ft playing level, with safety rail all round, "Block A" transforms into the "Burger Palace" with the stage right front flat/door open, and "Marty's Bedroom" with the stage left front/door open.

School "Block B" stands at a 6ft playing level with back brick wall and chain link safety rail all round and transforms into "Greased Lightin's" garage with both front flats open.

The Bleechers are also a standalone set piece and is fully mobile (if you so desire) with the addition of inset brakeable wheels.

The configuration is entirely up to your directorial needs.

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The Set

Set Pieces

The Set Pieces We Offer

  • Greased Lighting Car
  • Rydell High Sign
  • 50s Microphones (non-practical)
  • Single bed on truck
  • Diner booth
  • Bleachers
  • x2 Lockers on truck

Designed and built specifically for access into smaller venues. once assembled "Greased Lighting" is a full sized two seater sports car with a back bench to accommodate four people. Set on its own trucks "Greased Lighting" can be used as just the front end (including doors) or as the whole car. Set on swivel wheels it can rotate within its own length and be easily moved anywhere on stage. The practical lights are opperated via a switch on the dashboard and are battery powered to eliminate any hindrance from cabling. The overall dimensions of the full car are approximately 3.4m by 1.5m.

The American diner booth comes in two halves on its own full swivel wheels. Seats four people. Can be easily moved on and off stage and rotated in its own length. The overall dimensions are: 1.1m deep, 1.89m wide, 1.22m tall.

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Small Props

Our "Grease" Small Props Package will contain everything you need and more for your production.

Comprising of:

Paper plates and bowls
Vince Fontaine's radio headphones
Gumball machine
Small radio
Vinyl box and vinyls
Sonny's rubber band gun
Kenickie's lead pipe
Doody's baseball bat
Rodger's car aerial
1950s Budweiser bottles
Diner fast food basket
x3 cigarette packets
Coke cool box
Picnic blanket
Bush Radio
x2 magazines
x5 sunglasses
Pink ladies food trays and cultery
x5 combs
Bedroom accessories
Picnic basket with plates.
x2 pink bags with records