Categories of Armament

Kinds of weaponry we offer:

  • RIFs = realistic imitation firearms. This refers to airsoft guns and model guns that imitate a firearm designed after 1870.
  • Blank firing guns = have a fully obstructed dummy barrel and will vent the gas from the fired blank cartridges in an upward or sideways direction. Blank guns that do not ventilate like how I have described above are illegal for theatre use.
  • Deactivated firearms = this refers to previously fully functional firearms that have been rendered inert by a proof house to the 2018 EU deactivation standard.
  • Antique replicas = this refers to replica firearms that imitate a gun that was designed before 1870, for example, muskets and cowboy guns.
  • Blunt weapons = this refers to weaponry such as swords, axes, spears, daggers etc.

The Law on Firearms

Under Part 2, Section 37 of the VCRA (Violent Crimes Reduction Act) , a number of specific defences (otherwise known as "reasonable excuses") have been granted to Museums/Galleries, Theatres and companies involved in Film and Television production.

While purchasing/importing/renting still technically remains an offence under the VCRA, these defences effectively grant a number of specific purposes a defence from the offences laid down by the Violent Crime Reduction Act, making them eligible to purchase/rent items.

These specific defences are outlined below:

  • (a) the purposes of a museum or gallery;
  • (b) the purposes of theatrical performances and of rehearsals for such performances;
  • (c) the production of films
  • (d) the production of television programmes

Once you have selected the items you wish to hire please contact our armourer on:

  • 07775 453400

If you are looking for a particular armament which you do not see below, please get in contact as we may be able to source.

Please note this page is under construction and not all of our items are listed